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Which of the following is the appropriate arrow diagram that corresponds to this table? Here, a dotted line shows a dummy activity. Activity Preceding activity A B C B D A, B a) A D C B b) A D C B c) A D C B d) A D C B 22
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Q53. Which of the following is an appropriate purpose of using a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) in software development? a) To clarify the time sequence of activities, and understand the critical path that should be intensively managed b) To decompose all development activities into smaller steps with a manageable size, and organize them into a hierarchical structure c) To optimize the total cost when there is a trade-off relationship between the number of days and cost that are required for development d) To show the schedule of each activity by using a horizontal bar, and clarify not only the start and end points of each activity but also the progress at the current point Q54. The figure below shows part of a so-called fishbone diagram. Which of the following is the relationship between A and B ? B A a) B is a cause of A . b) B is a means of A . c) B is a purpose of A . d) B is an attribute of A . Q55. Which of the following is an explanation concerning a Pareto chart? a) It is used to identify problems by sorting the classified items in descending order of frequency of occurrence and illustrating a bar chart with a cumulative line chart. b) It is used to objectively manage the variation in the data occurring in time series by expressing it as a line graph and using control limit lines. c) It is used to systematically arrange the relationships between cause and effect in a fishbone format, and clarify which causes are related to a particular result. d) It is used to understand the variation in quality by classifying the collected data into several sections and plotting the number of data belonging to each section as a bar graph. 23
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