LIN200 Week 14 Day 1 - Asian Languages (Internal structure)

Phonemes vs allophones allophones variations of a

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Phonemes vs Allophones Allophones : variations of a sound i.e. p ray [p h ] vs s p ray [p’] t rain [t h ] vs s t range [t’] c ream [k h ] vs s c ream [k’] Phoneme : distinctive phonological unit i.e. Korean / pAl / ‘foot’ / pHAl / ‘arm’ / p'Al / ‘suck’ / tAl / ‘moon’ / tHAl / ‘mask’ / t'Al / ‘daughter’ / kAl / ‘grind’ / kHal / ‘knife’ / k'Al / ‘spread’
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Assimilation Patterns Korean does not have these sounds: /f, v, θ, ð, z/ Substitution of sounds is expected in borrowing. ‘co ff ee’: /f/ /p h / v ase’: /v/ /p/ th ing’: /θ/ /s’/ or /t’/ th is’: /ð/ /t/ z ero’: /z/ / dZ / 32
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