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He begged and pulled the guilt trips my little

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He begged and pulled the guilt trips. My little brother pulled the whole nine yards on my mom, but she was able to still say no. That he should have done things during the week so that he could have had money. 3A2. On Tuesday I dad and my neighbor were talking. Our neighbor had a very weedy lawn and was discussing it with my dad. He asked my dad if he could help him with his tedious work, and my dad told him he could not help. I would have felt bad and just said yes, knowing that my neighbor would nicely let me do his entire lawn while he would just sit and watch. 3A3. My Grammy and some cousins were playing outside a couple days ago. All of my little cousins wanted Grammy to do a bunch of things for them. Help them clean, make them lunch,
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put in more movies, chase them around the yard, and I could tell Grammy was so tired. Grammy has the same personality as me and I was sure she was just going to cave and say yes to everyone even though she is so tired. But to my surprise she told them to all relax and to play nicely by themselves that she was going to go relax for a little bit. 3A4. My neighbor has a little girl around 4 or 5. She is the most precious little girl I have ever seen. Her mother gave her a little piece of chocolate the other day and the little girl wanted more. Her mother told her no, so the little girl instantly threw her little girl fit. Her mother did not break down and freak out, she stood her ground and just walked away. If that would have been me with my son, I honestly think I would of broke down and gave him more. 3B1. My brother wanted my dad to drive him and his girlfriend around to about 100 different places. My dad told him no like a hundred times but my brother insisted. My dad finally caved in and drove them all around Columbus. And my brother did no work for it so it was like all for free. 3B2. I have been slightly hurting on money because of my job change and everything recently. I was driving on the freeway and a rock hits my window and has been cracking. I have been begging my mother to help pay for it and that I will pay her back. She agreed to it, and helped pay. I jokingly said, well I was just kidding I am not paying you back. She said I know I wasn’t expecting it. 3B3. At school this week my teacher told her us our midterm is going to be on Tuesday this upcoming week. He said he will give us our review on Monday during class. Our class was so upset about this that we were only going to have one day to study so we all talked to him. He finally agreed and he gave us our study guide early.
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3B4. My son is obsessed with the Green Lantern movie. He watches it about 4 times a day and everyone in the house knows every word to the entire movie. We decided to stop letting him watch it and get him into different movies. Well Thursday this week he asked my mom to watch it. She told him no that it was gone. He threw his fit and started doing what two year olds do best, throw a tantrum. My mom put the movie in for him to get him to stop. She did not just put it in once, she put it in like 3 times that night.
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