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Concept Speech Guidelines

The bibliography should be created in apa style

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bibliography on the back side of the Outline. The Bibliography should be created in APA style, printed with a single font, and should be well organized and arranged. APA requires that sources are arranged in alphabetical order and have a single space between them. The Evidence Cards, as with all evidence cards, must have an author (or sponsoring organization), a date, a title (or titles), a URL (if appropriate), and the information taken from the source. You will have three of these for this speech, and they will be read, out loud, to the audience. The Utility Card is a bare bones, or “skeleton” outline, written on a note card. It uses key words and phrases from your speech outline to give you, as a speaker, a reminder of what ideas you need to cover during your speech and in what order they will be discussed. You may include your thesis sentence, your outline enumeration (“I,” “A,” “B,” etc.) and up to twenty (20) other words. Visual Aids are not required for this speech . Anything you decide to use should be minor and not take time away from the verbal presentation, so audio or video cannot be utilized. Powerpoint presentations are not used. On Speech Day: On the day you speak, you will come to class with two copies of your outline, two copies of your bibliography, your utility card, and your evidence cards . When you go to speak, you will give both copies of your outline and both copies of your bibliography to the instructor, and take the utility card and the evidence cards to the front of the class for your presentation. Feel free to take the time to make certain your evidence cards are in order, and you may stand behind whatever desk or podium is available in your classroom. When your speech is done, take your utility card and evidence cards to the instructor, have a seat, and let your heart rate return to its normal state. If your outline is unavailable, hand-written, on a crumpled or stained sheet of paper, or otherwise formatted in an exceptionally poor manner, you will not be able to give your speech and will receive a zero for the assignment.
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