A express the amount of food an otter consumes in one

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a. Express the amount of food an otter consumes in one day in terms of body weight. b. Calculate how much food you would need to eat in one day to eat like an otter. Multiply your body weight by the % body weight found in part a. M. Kelp forests are unique cold-water ecosystems that are utilized by many species of vertebrates and invertebrates. 1. Identify the structure that attaches the kelp to the rocky floor. ________________ 2. Identify five organisms that utilize the “forest” from its canopy to the floor. a. _________________________ b. _________________________ c. _________________________ d. _________________________ e. _________________________
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Natural History – Goodman Southern California Coastline 5 N. In the sand and beach wave tank - look carefully for animals present in the sand. 1. How can you detect these organisms? 2. How does the number and diversity of animals on the sandy bottom compare with those on the rocky shore? Explain why this difference exists. O. Explain how the profile of a beach changes due to wave action between the following seasons: Winter Summer P. What is the scientific name of the grunion? Write it correctly. Q. Name two organisms that scavenge on washed-up kelp. 1. _________________________ 2. _________________________ R. Why is there such diversity in bird species? (Hint, look at their beaks) S. By protecting marsh habitats, we may be able to protect many species from extinction. List three endangered bird species that are salt marsh specialists. 1. _________________________ 2. _________________________ 3. _________________________
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