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Thesis Final Report (long)

A yes definitely q so when youre bargaining does the

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A: Yes Definitely.. Q: So when you’re bargaining, does the retailer encourage the negotiation process? A: Yes they are… not mostly during the day.. But usually at night they are more interested to make a sale Q: Let’s say, that I quote an item’s price as Rs. 1000. What price will you quote for it to the retailer? A: If the item that I am buying is good... Then i’ll see and estimate the price for it… I might end up buying it for Rs.500-600… Q: What exactly do you mean by the term “good” for an item that you’re about to purchase? A: I mean it’s already used but by appearance it looks new… Q: Is it just the appearance that you look for to make a purchase? A: I mean it should be comfortable and good in appearance. Q: So what do you think about quality? A: Yes I think the quality should also be good… Q: So let’s say you like this shoe. Now how will you begin the conversation with the retailer? A: I just ask how much the item is for.. I don’t talk for long Q: And he tells you the shoe is for Rs. X… now how do you respond? A: Well i’ll see what the reasonable price should be… then i’ll look at my range (budget) and probably quote a price that is Rs. 50-60 lesser than my range. Q: If I say the shoe is for Rs. 1000, then? A: If I think the reasonable price for it is Rs. 800 then i’ll probably say Rs.600-700 for it.. If he gives it for that then it’s alright Q: How much time do you spend on bargaining with one retailer… for something you really like? A: Not more then 5 minutes… Q: How do you feel when you buy an item for the price you want through bargaining? A: I feel very happy! Q. How do you feel when you buy an item for the price you want through bargaining and later you find it cheaper some where else? A: I feel embarrassed... Q: In your opinion, do you think you are a good bargainer? A: No I don’t think I am a good bargainer 99
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Q: Do you come alone or with anyone to this bazaar? A: I come here with family… my wife has come for the first time but I usually come with my sisters. Q: So do you prefer bargaining with either of them or individually? A: I prefer bargaining alone Q: In your opinion, are you a better bargainer than your wife? A: My wife doesn’t know anything… I believe I am the better bargainer Q: In your perception do men bargain more or women? And why do you say so? A: Males bargain more… as female usually quote a very less price and they usally don’t end up closing the sale… With men the retailers don’t talk much they just give it… but with females the bargaining process just keeps on going… Q: Do you visit any other bazaar other than this one? A: No… we come here or go towards sea view Q: In Comparison to other markets, do you feel that Sunday Bazaar is economical? A: Yes I think it is reasonably priced… Q: Do you go towards the brand new items portion of this market too?
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