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Submissions UsedThis exericse requires the use of technology.Four sectors of the Australian economy are (1) agriculture, (2) forestry, fishing, and hunting,(3) meat and milk products, and (4) other food products. Suppose in 1978-79 the input-output table involving these four sectors was as follows (all figures are in millions ofAustralian dollars).To1234From1678.93.83,341.41,023.3215.96.517.6124.4347.34.4893.2145.34312.822.483.3693.4Total Output9,401.9685.36,997.94,818.5(a) How much additional production by the meat and milk sector isnecessary to accommodate a $100 increase in the demand foragriculture? (Round your answer to two decimal places.)
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(b) Which sector requires the most of its own product in order to meet a $1 increase inexternal demand for that product?
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