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There will be no make up for both midterm exams

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assigned a grade of 0 and the grade from the final exam will not be adjusted. There will be no make-up for both midterm exams. ** Students who miss the final exam must inform the instructor at least one day prior to the final and present a certified medical note within 3 days of the exam date. The makeup examination will be given after the final exam. There are two grading schemes as shown above. Your final grade (on the 4.0 scale) will be determined according to the scheme that gives you a higher grade. For example, if a student gets 272 points in total and ranks the top 87% of the class, he/she will have a final grade of 4.0. Scheme 1 (based on total points from the two midterms and the final) Scheme 2 (based on the percentage rank relative to the class) Final Grade on the 4.0 Scale 280-320 points 85-100% 4.0 260-280 points 70-85% 3.5 240-260 points 55-70% 3.0 219-240 points 40-55% 2.5 192-219 points 25-40% 2.0 176-192 points 15-25% 1.5 146-176 points 8-15% 1.0 0-146 points 0-8% 0
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Course Outline : Detailed lecture notes and all supplementary course materials will be posted on ANGEL. Below is an outline of the topics to be covered in this course and the correspondence between my lecture notes and the textbook. My lecture notes
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There will be no make up for both midterm exams Students...

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