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Be doing in his job than green had otherwise there

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be doing in his job than Green had, otherwise there wouldn’t have been this great of a clash. As Davis held this position before, he must have had some thinking that what Green would do would be similar to what Davis had done before as a senior marketing specialist. In the first review, Davis clearly stated that he wanted Green to be more communicative with his work plans, follow up on information request, and to be more enthusiastic with the goals set out by the Budget Plan meeting and also more specifically to make focused calls when dealing with market specialists, account executives and clients. Analysis of Thomas Green’s work performance Looking at Thomas Green’s work performance over the first five months, there were definitely some things that he could have done better. He seemed to be too caught up in his goal of climbing the corporate ladder and forgot about how to adjust to the company’s politics and power structure. He did not build a personal network at work, except for McDonald, although he then failed to maintain that connection, which became a problem when he realized that he had no one to rely upon at the company. He seemed to start off with a bad impression on Frank Davis as well and also challenged the power structure at work by questioning the number that Davis presented at the budget meeting. He also did not seem to know how to manage his boss well, because their working styles
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