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Applies to all digital info on a web site including

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offerings. Applies to all digital info on a Web site, including the presentation form—text, video, audio, and graphics Community: User-to-user communications hosted by the company, enhances customer experience and builds favorable buyer-seller relationships Customization: Ability of a site to modify itself to, or be modified by, each individual user Communication: The dialogue that unfolds between the Web site and its users Connection: Network of linkages between a company’s site and other sites Commerce: The Web site’s ability to conduct sales transactions for products and services o Every website has context and content, but differ in the remaining elements
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Why Consumers Buy Online 6 Reasons Consumers Shop and Buy Online o Convenience o Bots: Electronic shopping agents or robots that comb websites to compare prices and product or service features o Websites much be easy to locate and navigate, image downloads fast o Choice o Exists in product/service selection offered to consumers o Choice assistance: interactive capabilities of Internet-enables technologies invite customers to engage in an electronic dialogue w/ marketers for the purpose of making informed choices o Customization o Arises from Internet-enabled capabilities that make possible a highly interactive and individualized info and exchange environment for shoppers and buyers o Customerization: The practice of not only customizing a product or service but also personalizing the marketing and overall shopping and buying interaction for each customer Combines choiceboard and personalization system to expand exchange environment o Communication o Three forms: Marketer-to-consumer email notification Consumer-to-marketer buying and service requests Consumer-to-consumer chat rooms, instant messaging, social networking o Web Communities : Websites that allow people to meet online and exchange views on topics of common interest o Blog: A webpage that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual or organization o Spam: Electronic junk mail or unsolicited email o Buzz: A popular term for word-of-mouth behavior
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o Viral Marketing: An internet-enabled promotional strategy that encourages users to forward market-initiated messages to others via email o Cost o Dynamic Pricing: The practice of changing prices for products and services in real time in response to supply and demand conditions. Time sensitive items like airline seats o Control o Cookies: Computer files that a marketer can download onto the computer of an online shopper who visits the market’s website
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Applies to all digital info on a Web site including the...

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