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S2_NOISE_TH 32 Category name Item name Data SEC 2. ADJUSTMENT HOW TO ENTER SERVICE MODE 1) Turn on the main power switch to place this set in standby mode. 2) Press the buttons on the remote commander as follows, and entering service mode. 3) Service mode display. Note: First of all, when you enter Service Mode, you can see “Digital” service mode. Whenever you press “OPTIONS” or “JUMP” on remote, each service mode is changed. “Digital” -> “Chassis” -> “VPC” Category number Item number 5 DISPLAY TV POWER Channel Volume DIGITAL SERVICE 001 OP 000 VERS ‐‐‐ <MAIN> <EXT> DM1.301W00AA RF:01.05 WF1.003W00AA WF: DF1.001W00AA WF:0B YM1.010W00AA CAM:X.XXX DB2.105W00AA FD:XXXX (DM1.301W00AA) DD1.016W00AA WP0.521W00AA <PEM> MID:1C117081 PM1.012W00LU PID:04020000 PB1.000W00LU PNL:LTY320AB01 PL1.011J46LUX POP:X.XXX PD1.011J46LUX
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