People are on the computers and social sites so much

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People are on the computers and social sites so much it has in some way, become emotionless. People forget how to communicate face or face or how to interact with others.
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Bullying is a major thing that is going on through social media, and extremely hard to stop. Many young teens have taken their own life in result to cyber-bullying. When cyber- bullying, the bully does not see how you are crying, or how they are affecting you. At school when they do it, they can see and are not as emotionally cruel. Over the internet they can post anything or say anything they want and watch how people respond and just laugh, but do not see the true affect. It is not just local bullying, it’s bullying for the whole world to see and respond and laugh along with you. Schools have tried to intervene and to stop cyber-bullying when they hear of it. But teachers cannot stop children and what they do outside out school. People without even realizing it all the time are segregating themselves into groups or clichés. Many dating sites are starting to segregate as well. Such as and . There are also many teen groups you can join online that have similar interests. Some are perfectly innocent and other groups lure teens and young adults in with bad intentions. Identity theft is rapidly growing and is more common than people may want to believe. People that use social networking sites are often more trusting than they should be because they are often just communicating with their friends. But what people tend to forget is that once something is posted on the internet it is there for anyone and everyone to see, not just your friends. In order to sign up for many of these online sites, it requires some personal information. Scammers to not need much to bug your computer or to be able to steal someone’s identify.
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People are on the computers and social sites so much it has...

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