Circle the plausible structures and put an x through

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Circle the plausible structures and put an “X” through the impossible structures below: Note: lone pairs should be added as required in order to satisfy the formal charge shown. C C C C Me C N N N N O O O O 2 + B B B 2 - 3. For the following bonds, a. Show the direction of the dipole moment using two methods. b. Is the bond ionic or polar covalent? Example: C-H C H δ - δ + Method 1: δ - and δ + indicate PARTIAL negative and PARTIAL positive charges; the formal charge of each atom is ZERO. Method 2: an arrow points toward the more electronegative atom; there is a "+" sign at the base of the arrow, under the more electropositive atom i. C-B ii. Li-C iii. Mg-C iv. Li-O v. C-Br vi. C-N vii. N-Br viii. O-Cl ix. O-H x. S-H xi. N-H
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