Representing or attempting to represent a real estate broker other than the

Representing or attempting to represent a real estate

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f. Representing or attempting to represent a real estate broker other than the licensee's employer without the express knowledge and consent of that licensee's employer; g. Failing to place, as soon as possible, in the custody of that licensed broker-employer any deposit money or other money or fund entrusted to the employee. h. Failing to account for or to remit, within a reasonable time, any moneys coming into his possession which belong to others, and failing to keep records relative to said moneys. i. Converting funds of others, diverting funds of others without proper authorization, commingling funds of others with the broker's own funds, or failing to keep such funds of others in an escrow or a trustee account with some bank, and to so keep records relative to the deposit. j. Failing to provide the purchaser and seller of real estate with a closing statement of the transaction, or failing to provide a signed duplicate copy of the listing contract and the contract of sale [to the seller] or the preliminary agreement to sell to the parties. k. Failing to keep documents for four years, for the Commission to inspect. l. Paying a commission, finder’s fee or referral fee to an unlicensed person. m. Violating any Commission Rules, or lawful commission orders; or aiding and abetting a violation of any rule, regulation, commission order. n. Conviction of, entering a plea of guilty to, or entering a plea of nolo contendre to any crime. o. Violating or aiding and abetting in the violation of the Colorado or federal fair housing laws; p. Failing to immediately notify the commission in writing of a conviction, plea, or violation of (n) or (o), above. q. Having demonstrated unworthiness or incompetence to act as a licensee. r. An employing broker failing to exercise reasonable supervision over the activities of licensed employees. s. Obtaining a real estate license by means of fraud. t. Taking compensation without revealing such to the licensee’s principal or employer. u. Taking an option to purchase a property, without disclosing to and obtaining the written consent of the principal or employer. v. Any act which results in the payment of any claim from the real estate recovery fund. w. Dishonest dealing. x. Having a license revoked, suspended, etc., in another jurisdiction, if the cause of such penalty would constitute a violation of Colorado license law. y. Failing to keep proof of Continuing Education for four years. 46. Send a copy of the complaint or other initiating pleading to the Commission, and the Answer filed, if any; the disposition of the case; the amount and nature of the judgment, verdict, finding, or sentence imposed. 47. Affiliated, settlement, investment, disclose, require MacIntosh Real Estate School Colorado Course - Chapter 14 Copyright 2018 - All Rights Reserved 4 Colorado Contracts & Regs (48 credit hrs)
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