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Eng 393 Extended Definition

4 proofreading once the writer has looked at the

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4) Proofreading Once the writer has looked at the bigger picture and has the main structure of the paper, he should then move to the proofreading stage of the process. To proofread, look at each individual sentence making sure that they are each strong individually to make a strong paper collectively. Look closely at grammar usage, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and properly completed sentences. The writer should have someone else
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proofread his work as well to catch mistakes. Proofreading should be done more than once to continue to catch mistakes and sometimes it even helps to print out work to see mistakes clearly. The writer shouldn’t rely on spell check to catch his mistakes, but reading the paper with his own eyes will allow him to clearly see his mistakes and check for more mistakes while reading through the work. 5) Publishing After a writer has proofread his work multiple times, as well as had someone else proofread, the writer is ready to print and present the final product in the publishing stage. The publishing stage of the writing process is sharing the final product with others. Depending on the type of work, this stage contains different things. If this paper is for a class, the publishing only consists of turning the work in for a grade. Bloggers would upload, format, and post their work; journalists format and submit their work to editors; and novelists and fiction writers send their work in to publishers to edit. Some people may just want to read their work to a group or a friend. But not all works are published due to different circumstances, and there are some writers who just choose to write works
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4 Proofreading Once the writer has looked at the bigger...

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