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Complex cells o respond to a bar of light in a

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Complex cells o Respond to a bar of light in a specific orientation anywhere in the receptive field o Located in V1 and V2 (primary and secondary visual cortex) o Have medium and large sized receptive fields o Complex cell in V1 (receptive field) No stimulus Baseline response Stimulus at 45 degrees Strong response Stimulus at > 45 degrees Weak response Stimulus at <45 degrees No response o Will continue to fire as long as the line stays in the same orientation Visual system separated in two streams o Magnocellular (dorsal) o Parvocellular (ventral) Dorsal streams: o V1 through posterior parietal to frontal o (magnocellular) o Visuomotor control o Derives from periphery of eye where rods are o Ganglion cells have large cell bodies and fast transmission o Ventral stream: o V1 to temporal cortex o Parvocellular o Object recognition o Derives from fovea where cones are The lateral Geniculate Nucleus (LGN) to V1 o Six layers each of which receives input from one eye o Two layers have large cell bodies Magnocellular Layer o Other layers have small cell bodies Parvocellular Layer Visual disorders o Blindsight A blind person with total damage to one or both of V1 cortices Can localize and avoid bumping into objects but have no awareness of seeing o Agnosias- associative (not knowing)
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Associative agnosia Can describe individual details, but can’t name or recognize it Does not know purpose or object Perception is intact Excellent copying skills Agnosias-apperceptive Basic sensation is intact Can perceive features (color shape) Can not group features into a gestalt Can not copy picture Have difficulty with objects in uneven lighting or shadow Prosopagnosia
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