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Where is the 10,000 a month at the beginning coming

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Unformatted text preview: Where is the 10,000 a month at the beginning coming from and how come it is just sitting their in november, I would move cash position at the end of the month to the last column after depreciation. Also again your costs are way too low, your not getting any company or product going , let alone a $100 million dollar company, like Danny wants, by spending a few hundred to a few 1000 bucks a month. I do really like how you have left a lot of room to add in expenses like adverstising, rent, utilities etc, it means you are thinking about a lot of possibilities, which is great. But you need to put costs in their and make it more realistic. You also need to state where the cash in the beginning is coming from ie. Are you raising a million dollars from angel investors to start with and then using that money to float your first year - you should be negative cash flow in first year, that’s why you raise money. So overall I think that you have set it up to incorporate a lot, now time to put realistic numbers in (based on research) and move a few columns around. Finally, state all assumptions so the people now where costs are coming from. Fiscal Year Begins: [email protected] Monthly Average Cash on Hand (beginning of month) Cash Available (on hand + receipts, before cash out) Cash Position (end of month) Technology Costs (Web Server Maintenance, Webmaster)...
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