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These numbers and does not explain them enough and it

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these numbers and does not explain them enough and it got to a point where it seemed like he either did not know what they meant, or they were not really significant at all but they just sounded scary to the reader. While the chapter on China had some shortcomings, Diamond provided many facts that many people do not realize when they think of China. Most people know that China has one of the best economies in the world. What they do not realize is that their economy is based on outdated, inefficient, and polluting technology. The air quality in China is so bad, pollutants are moving to neighboring countries and traveling as far as North America. Another issue that most people do not realize is that China imports a lot of trash from other countries. In one instance in 2002, “a Chinese customs office Zhejiang Province recorded a 400-ton shipment of “electronic garbage” originating from the U.S., and consisting of scrap electronic equipment and parts such as broken or obsolete color TV sets, computer monitors, photocopiers, and keyboards” (370). These were two of the very few topics that Diamond should have elaborated on and actually did, which gave the reader a good insight to the problems that China is facing due to the self inflicted environmental damage. China was not the only country that Jared Diamond discussed that he should have gone more in depth on certain issues and could have just mentioned other issues and moved on. Diamond made a big deal about overpopulation and its effects on society but he barely talked about the role the Belgians played in the problems Rwanda is currently experiencing. When the Belgians colonized Rwanda, they gave preferential treatment to the Tutsi because they had lighter skin and resembled Europeans more than Hutus did. On top of that, the Belgians gave
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Rwandans ID tags to give a physical representation to show that the Tutsis were better than the Hutu. This was the starting point to the genocide that Diamond did not seem to go very in depth about. He did not list any possible solutions or ways to prevent the genocide.
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these numbers and does not explain them enough and it got...

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