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The last possible explanation is one that can be

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The last possible explanation is one that can be joined with any of the previous explanation. It does not so much make an excuse for why people think violence is funny as explain why increased violence has become more and more acceptable in media. Yes, there has always been violence in media and other forms of entertainment. However, the amount and type of violence has certainly changed. With the birth of slapstick humor, a new acceptance or desensitization to violence was born. Now that kind of humor is in everything. And it did not stop there. After slapstick, other, darker, forms of humor were created. Today, pretty much anything short of slaughtering puppies can be turned into something humorous. Some would argue that violence is not funny at all. These people are the ones who are disgusted by entertainment like Jackass and would not laugh at Little Miss Sunshine at all. They will argue for days about why laughing at someone else being hurt does not make any sense and should not be humorous. It would not be funny if it happened to someone you know or someone standing next to you. It would not be funny if that person actually was hurt or died. Perhaps these people are more empathetic than most and that is why they cannot find violence funny. It is true that we would probably not laugh if any of the violence we watched on tv or on a stage happened to someone near us or someone was seriously hurt because f it. But that is why it is okay for it to be funny. Because we know that those people will be okay and because it is not happening in real life. It is not socially acceptable to laugh at someone whose foot is run over by a car if you watched it happen on the street. When it
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happens in a movie, though, it is perfectly acceptable because you know their foot is fine. The people who argue against violence as humor cannot distance themselves from the possible actuality of the situation and therefore cannot laugh at it. Comedy has been one of the most popular forms of entertainment for as long as stories have been told and plays performed. Making an audience laugh is one of the best ways to keep them entertained. Fairly early, writer and actors and generally any one in charge found that people were entertained by watching someone else's misfortune. There are many explanations for why people find violence funny and they can all be applied depending on the type of violence and the situation. Perhaps there the evolutionary explanation for this kind of laughter is to show that the frightening event is over. It is similar to saying, “It is okay, he is fine, the danger is over, you can relax now.” Whatever the reason, violence in all forms of media has become completely commonplace and acceptable.
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The last possible explanation is one that can be joined...

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