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Spanish civil war civil war international conflict

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Spanish Civil War : civil war; international conflict; ideological conflict; lots of men from all over Europe volunteered; Fascists won the war with the help of Mussolini & Hitler
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12/4/12 Testing ground for Germany to try new military technology; Hitler marched into Austria – they held a referendum (every male votes); he takes his army & Austria joins itself to Germany started attacking Jews Sudeteland of Czechoslovakia : more than ¾ of the population were ethnic Germans – starting to denounce the Czech gov’t of hideous crimes; there’s a mixed population; key resources Britain doesn’t want to intervene – wanted Germans in Czech to have the right in self-determination Munich Pact : gave Hitler Sudeteland; the British thought he would be happy if he got this; Hitler saw it as further proof that Britain & France were weak & he could do whatever he wanted – expansion Hitler drew plans of attack; signed a secret pact with the USSR (against the Versailles Treaty); Germany decides to surprise attack Poland; rest of the world didn’t take him seriously as a threat; everyone was too exhausted to think about another war Germany had a victory in France (attacked them) WWII started in September 1939 – Blitzkrieg ; June of 1940, Occupy France Should they keep fighting until the last man or submit to Germany? Once Paris
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Spanish Civil War civil war international conflict...

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