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Comm 292 Course Outline

4 i recognize that frequent non quality participation

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4) I recognize that frequent non-quality participation detracts from the learning environment, and so I will share quality contributions in class with my classmates. 5) I will make, and display in each class, a name tent to assist my classmates and the instructor in knowing the name I like to be called. 6) In case my photo does not appear in the Commerce photo system, I will visit the Sauder PC Lab to have my photo taken. 7) I recognize that lap-top computers are potentially distracting for myself and for others sitting near me, and will not attempt to use one during class, unless the instructor gives explicit permission to use laptop computers. 8) I have read the complete syllabus and fully understand the deadlines and requirements for the course. 9) I agree to abide by all other reasonable ‘ground rules’ for the course, as explained in class by the instructor. ____________________________________ Student’s Printed name ____________________________________ Student’s Signature ____________________________________ Section Number _____________________ Today’s Date
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