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Develop and submit your electronic plan to your

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’13 you’ll have to “imagine” the possibilities!) Develop and submit your Electronic Plan to your advisor. Student Electronic Educational Plans can be found in your Portal on the TCC Website. Click on Academics and Registration. On the right side of paper in “Advising Information” you will find a link called “My Educational Plan”. Click on this link and either view the instructional video or go directly to start your plan. Click the link, “Start here” before you begin to input your plan. You can make a hard copy if you want because we will be using this information when we develop your Career & Educational Plan. l. Also note within your Student Portal (under Academics and Registration), the date and time for your registration appointment. This date is very important and is the first opportunity for you to sign up for classes for Winter Quarter.
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m. If by chance you haven’t met with your Advisor yet, please sign up immediately. Your Pin Numbers for registration will be randomly assigned and you must receive this number from you Advisor. Otherwise, your registration time will be delayed. n. Can you find “classified ads” in your portal? Check out what is currently being advertised. Maybe in the future you will find a used textbook to purchase! Yes I can! Are you having fun yet? Hopefully, the sun is shining today! I hope you are feeling confident in your role as a successful and competent student! Revised 10/12
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