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midterm 2 review

For each term below i have to leave it up to you to

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stylistic, and historical terms’ and essay questions. For each term below, I have to leave it up to you to memorize a workable definition, and to understand the term fully by studying the lecture notes around it. The textbook, which runs parallel to the lecture notes, can help you to get a fuller sense of musical and historical terms and issues. 1. Listening items Chuck Berry, “Maybellene” Little Richard, “Long Tall Sally” The Temptations, “My Girl” The Supremes, “You Can’t Hurry Love” Beach Boys, “Good Vibrations” Aretha Franklin, “Respect” Buddy Holly and the Crickets, “That’ll Be the Day” The Crystals, “Uptown” The Beatles, “Love Me Do” The Beatles, “Yesterday” The Beatles, “Eleanor Rigby” The Beatles, “A Day in the Life” The Rolling Stones, “Paint It Black” The Who, “My Generation” The Kinks, “You Really Got Me” The Sonics, “Have Love, Will Travel” Marvin Gaye, “What’s Going On” Bob Dylan, “Talkin’ New York” Bob Dylan, “Like A Rolling Stone” Jefferson Airplane, “Somebody to Love” The Doors, “Light My Fire” 2. Technical, stylistic, historical terms Each of these terms is discussed in the lecture notes; most are also discussed in the textbook. To give the right answer in a multiple-choice format, you have to be able to get a firm grip on what the term refers to, as discussed in the lecture notes. And you will need to be able to figure out what the right answer is, and sort it out from the 'distraction' of several wrong answers.
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3. Essay Questions Each of these questions should be answered in an essay no shorter than five sentences in length. A fuller answer is more like to receive full credit. Specific musical examples go a long way toward demonstrating a solid grasp of the material – use them whenever possible! -- What problems
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For each term below I have to leave it up to you to...

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