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Experiment 4 report

Inductance is magnetic fields because an inductors

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inductance is magnetic fields because an inductor’s geometry and material determines its ability to generate magnetic fields. Conclusion: In this experiment, we saw how the inductance value of an inductor was affected my changing the material of the inductor by adding an iron core. During the experiment, we encountered a few systematic errors. First systematic error could be the fact that during the time when we were putting the bar of magnet in and out of the solenoid, our voltage values kept changing signs and this was because we would sometimes forget which side of the magnet was which. This systematic error could be prevented next time by putting a label in order to remember which side is north and which side is south. Another systematic error we thought of that deals with the lab, but the results weren’t needed for the lab report, was when we had to switch the orientation of the solenoid. The first time we did a run through, we were just turning the solenoid and not necessarily flipping it the other way around. Once we found out that we were supposed to flip it, we started getting an accurate plot and values. Now reviewing the results calculated and obtained for this lab report, the inductance value I measured in comparison to the inductance value labeled were not close to each other because the t-value obtained was way over 2, which is the value to compare in order to know if the measured was acceptable. Lastly, in the section dealing with the unknown inductance, my results seem to confirm that an inductor with an iron core will have a higher inductance value than an inductor without an iron core because the iron core’s high permeability generates a greater amount of magnetic field and in turn increases the inductance value of an inductor. Physics 2CL Experiment 4 Worksheet 1. (.5 pt; Sect. 4) … Did the bars fall as expected? What difference did you observe? How does this relate to the laws of induction, particularly Lenz’s law?
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The bars did fall as expected. When the iron bar was dropped through the copper pipe, it
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inductance is magnetic fields because an inductors geometry...

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