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Limit uv exposure qii regular medical and dental

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Limit UV exposure q.ii. Regular medical and dental exams q.iii. Self examine q.iv. Diet- increase fiber, reduce fats, 5-10 servings of fruit & veggies (antioxidants) q.v. Immunizations- cervical cancer and hepatitis r. Treatment r.i. Curative- tumor is small and localized r.ii. Palliative - advanced cancer- provide comfort and relieving pain and other symptoms without effecting a cure r.iii. Prophylactic - measure or drug to prevent a disease (adjuvant therapy) r.iv. Surgery- removal of tumor and surrounding tissue r.iv.1. Laparoscope & small incisions- min damage and recovery time r.iv.2. Radiofrequency ablation (RFA)- small single tumors in solid or fluid filled organs (heat tumor up and kill from inside) r.v. Radiation- most effective in rapidly dividing cells r.v.1. External sources- cobalt machine to specific site- daily treatments for 6 weeks r.v.2. Internal insertion of radioactive material at the tumor site- cervical or oral tumors- implant seed or needle at the site r.v.3. Instill radioisotope in a solution into a body cavity- ensure containment and used for specific cancers r.v.4. Adverse effects: r.v.4.a. Bone marrow depression- decreased leukocytes (infection), erythrocytes (fatigue & tissue breakdown), platelets (excessive bleeding) r.v.4.b. Epithelial cell damage- blood vessels, skin, hair loss r.v.4.c. Infertility- abdominal radiation r.v.4.d. Non-specific fatigue and lethargy- mental depression r.vi. Chemotherapy r.vi.1. Antineoplastic drugs- substance/ process destroys neoplastic cells r.vi.2. Usually combo of 2-4 drugs given at periodic intervals r.vi.2.a. Antimitotics, anti-metabolites, alkylating agents, antibiotics r.vi.2.b. Drugs interfere with protein synthesis and/or DNA replication r.vi.3. Adverse effects: r.vi.3.a. Bone marrow depression- nadir (point of lowest cell count) r.vi.3.b. Nausea- cells die and make you sick r.vi.3.c. Epithelial cell damage- hair loss, breakdown of skin & mucosa r.vi.3.d. Damage to specific areas- antineoplastic drugs- fibrosis in lungs, myocardial cell and kidney damage r.vi.3.e. Vomiting- anti-emetic decreases
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r.vii. Other drugs to treat cancer r.vii.1. Blocking agents- bloc receptors for growth promoters on cancer cells r.vii.2. Biologic response modifiers (BRMs)- augment the natural immune response r.vii.3.
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Limit UV exposure qii Regular medical and dental exams qiii...

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