our poster is attached in the appendixes 2 Social Media Marketing We chose to

Our poster is attached in the appendixes 2 social

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(our poster is attached in the appendixes) 2. Social Media Marketing We chose to use the social media marketing to promote our product. We are about to create an account social media such as the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and share captivating contents about our product that will captivate social media users. This is because, it strengthens customer and brand relationship. Specifically, sharing exciting stories and news about our products which are informative with our followers can help to strengthen our bond with the potential customers. As treating the social media as a platform to connect we show your customers, and leads that we care about them by providing answers to their questions, and mostly will be honest while interacting with them. As a result, we are likely to receive a high ROI and achieve our targeted goals in our social media marketing campaign. Besides that, it boosts a social listening. Monitoring social conversations can help us to understand what is more important to our targeted audience. Also, we will be able to identify the trends they are paying more attention to through social listening. Furthermore, we can address the essential points that our targeted audiences are struggling with and are likely to earn their trust and loyalty. Last but not least, we will get to understand the slang our targeted audience are using, especially the younger generation, and be able to match their style and tone through the social listening. 6.0 Action Program
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