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B discuss the relationship between tem tec tpm and

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(b) Discuss the relationship between TeM, TeC, TpM and Advanced Technology. 7A+1.0=20 workload of any plant ? 70+LA-20 6. Describe the maintenance control cycle. Discuss the benefits that can be achieved by implementing planned maintenance, 70+70=20 4. (a) h) 5. . (b) 7. (b) Wha! are the goals and objectives of a maintenance organization ? Discuss the phases of an engineering maintenance task with the help of a block diagram. L0+70=20 What do you understand by maintenance planning and scheduling ? How can you forecast and analyze the maintenance Define hazard rate. Explain various periods of BATH-TUB curve. Explain hbw component redundanc! yields higher reliability than unit _redundancy. For the general case of an n:component series system, prove that this is true. [email protected]
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8. Write short notes on any thrce of the following : 20 (i) Reliability, MaintainabilityandAvailability (ii) Maintenance Cost Components and l-tfe Cycle Costing (iii) Spare Parts Inventory Manag6ment (iv) Condition Based Maintenance M Role of IT in Maintenance Management 3 [email protected] 1,000
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I MANAGEMENT PROGRAIT,IT,TE : ] Term-End Examination December, 2OO6 MS-s8 @ : MANAGEMENT OF R&D AND INNOVATION . Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 7A0 {Weightage T}Vo) Nole; Attempt any fiue quesfions. Ail questions carry equal marks. 1. What are the factors which have an impact on the growth and quality of life in India ? What is tf,"'.lup*"r;;;;i';; technology and technotogical innovation ? 2. How are market considerations affecting product life cycle and innovations ? How can designers help in improving the competitive abilities of the organisation ? 3. Explain the following techniques of enhancing and maintaining the creativity : (i) Brainstorming (i0 Synectics 20 Ms-58 @ P.T.O.
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5. 6. 4. "ln a highly competitive industry, business should be technology driven." - Enumerate ygur opinion on this . :, ,.:. ,,.:ii . statement' wifh examPbs.' What could be different PPes of innovationandR&D? ' "' :j' Diseuss' the: importance, of , Coupling and tioordination system in an R&D organisationr 20 What irnpact does short or long technology life cycle have on measuring the economic value of an invention ? 20 What are the emerging issues which should be taken into accgrrnt in conceptualising and funplementin9 B&P'.n' ^^ Projects ? 20 1,000 partnershiPs for 20 7. '8. Ms-58 @
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b Discuss the relationship between TeM TeC TpM and Advanced...

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