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The registry has had no effect on either of these

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The registry has had no effect on either of these. Most crimes are committed with unregistered and illegal handguns, often either stolen from individuals who have registered their guns or with guns legally imported from the United States. A gun registry doesn’t address that problem. Criminals will still get guns; law-abiding citizens won’t. ion fact, a gun registry can actually facilitate criminals getting guns because it tells the criminals who has guns and from where they can be stolen. The gun registry, by itself, does not reduce the number of domestic murdrs. The number is, first of all, already low. And if someone is going to kill a spouse or other family membe, that person will use whatever is available. If guns aren’t available, he or she will use knives or clubs. Registering handguns will not change that. Nor will it stop the killing of police officers. Few police officers in Canada are killed with guns. And when they have been the guns have either been legally acquired, which the gun registry does nothing to prevent, or they have been illegal, which the gun registry also does nothing to prevent.
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