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One of the reasons he is an anti hero is because when

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want him to help but he will not. One of the reasons he is an anti-hero is because when it comes to crime fighting, he is relentless and will take any means necessary to acquire truth and justice. Rorschach approaches crime fighting is this manner because he has noticed that the city is filled with crime and the only way they will listen is if he acts the way he does. In the beginning of the novel, after Rorschach discovers that Edward Blake was murdered, he decides that he will inform the other Watchmen that someone killed the Comedian and also investigate to solve who killed Edward Blake. While he is in a bar, he approaches a man he believes to know who murdered Blake and informs the rest of the bar “I’ve just broken this gentleman’s little finger. Who killed Edward Blake? Oh ouhhh… and his index finger. Who killed Edward Blake?” (Moore I, 16). Rorschach demonstrates how violent he is when it comes to solving crimes because he is willing to torture victims in order to get what he wants. As Dave the Longwinded states, “ His brutality is mind- 7
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Poz Diaz boggling, yet he remains totally unaffected by it all. The bar patron is simply a means to a larger end. The romanticized American type is pulled from the constrained and idealized world of popular fiction and placed into a much more realistic world, facing real reactions from regular people. In that idealized world, Rorschach would miraculously get the answer to his question because he infallibly picked the right place to ask it, alleviating him of the responsibility for actually harming anyone” (Longwinded). It is Rorschach’s world that has composed him of his relentless and merciless actions against criminals and the rest of the city. His approach on crime and how he handles criminals has caused him to be wanted by the police. If Rorschach was a hero, then the city would approve of him and he would have no trouble with the police. Rorschach’s background has shaped him into he who is so his knowledge of what is right and what is wrong is limited because as a child he never saw any good. He always saw the bad side of things which is why when he is fighting crime he has no mercy. Rorschach is also willing to fight against the police rather than turn himself in because he feels that if he surrenders to the police no one else will fight against the crime of the city. As Rorschach is set up after a visit to one of his nemesis, the police warn him “This is the police, Rorschach. We know you’re in there. It’s all over…Okay that’s it time’s up and we’re coming in. I hope you’re ready” to which Rorschach replies, “When you are” (Moore V,16). Although the police asked Rorschach to surrender, he is uncompromising and decides to fight his way out from the police.
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