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Which direction will the current be induced in the

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Which direction will the current be induced in the wire if… a) Field strength increases b) Field strength decreases c) Area of the loop increases d) Area of the loop decreases e) Angle of loop to the field changes from 0º to 30º f) The loop is moved left and out of the field. 8) A student attempts to induce a current by passing a single loop of wire between the poles of a horseshoe magnet with a 2.5 × 10 −2 T field. The area of the loop is 7.54 × 10 −3 m 2 and is moved perpendicular to the magnetic field lines. In what time interval will the student have to move the loop out of the magnetic field in order to induce an emf of 1.5 V? If the wire has a resistance of 3Ω, what is the current passing through the wire? 1.26x10 -4 s, 0.5A 9) A transformer is used to convert 120 V to 9.0 V for use in a portable CD player. If the primary, which is connected to the outlet, has 640 turns, how many turns does the secondary have? 48 10) The maximum current that can pass through a light bulb filament is 0.909 A when its resistance is 182 Ω. a. What is the rms current conducted by the filament of the bulb? 0.64A b. What is the rms potential difference across the bulb’s filament? 116.96V c. How much power does the light bulb use? 74.85W 11)
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