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Between essence and existence theres only conceptual

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Between essence and existence theres only conceptual ______. Maximal greatness is having all the properties that make you great in the world. Philosophy 11/30/11
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Something that is possibly necessary entails the fact that it IS necessary. God is either necessary of impossible, must be constructed from the real definition of God. God is possible, therefore exists, and is necessary. Historical distance. Things we can demonstrate, All the contents of the mind originate in experience. This generates a problem because now we don’t know how to get any concept of God, seeing as al contents of the mind come from experience. Sometimes we argue from effects to cause, rather than seeing a cause and considering the effects. Because the effects are available. When we say God is good, we argue from our view of good in this world. He isn’t literally good because his goodness exceeds anything we can conceive. Everything stands in relation to something. Position is transitive. Nothing stands in relation to itself. There are a finite number of things. Philosophy 12/05/11 Suarez. Apriori. Aquinas in Suma is a series of questions and answers which elaborate a theory of everything from God and the Supernatural to the Natural World, including Human Beings and their actions, and the groupings of humans in the sets of society. Articulate in specific doctrines sustained in specific argument. Always go back to Plato.
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