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Hydrolyze atp and thereby change its conformation to

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hydrolyze ATP and thereby change its conformation to trigger movement of the microtubules to generate sperm tail locomotion. 24. Scenario 1: NO; without jelly there is no way to attract sperm or to activate directional movement; also accepted: without jelly, there can be no acrosomal reaction (and no bindin exposed to bind VE). Scenario 2: NO; mammalian sperm must undergo capacitation, a maturation process involving chemical modification of sperms. 25. A. The mechanism of liver development is mosaic, as key component(s) are localized to the p urple cytoplasm. B. Nothing! The mechanism could be entirely mosaic, since we know that the liver organogenesis is mosaic; however, the majority of metazoans use a combination of mosaic and regulative development. Additional data is needed to suggest the overall mechanism of development for the michifish. C. determinant; ‘necessary’ also accepted. D. Add the purple cytoplasm to a location where no liver forms, and see if host forms 2 livers. E. mRNA, protein. 26. A. The gene is pleiotropic and has multiple functions. B. in situ hybridization, RT- PCR, immunohistochemistry. C. conditional knockout. D. DNA constructs: (1) blood specific promoter driving Cre, (2) gene to target with targeting region flanked by loxP sites; Only when blood promoter is active will the excision occur, thus only blood cells will have the gene activity interfered with during development.
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