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Standardizations Needed : Resource and performance requirements description languages. Possible Standards : For basic resource descriptions, DMTF CIM and OGF GLUE are candidates. Other, more extensive description languages for performance or policy enforcement are to be determined. 6.4.4 Use Case: Portable tools for monitoring and managing clouds Benefits: Simplifies operations as opposed to individual tools for each cloud Deployment Mode Considerations : Monitoring and managing are separate but closely related tasks. The standards required will differ depending on whether the monitoring and managing must be done across trust boundaries or across distributed environments. Standardizations Needed : Standard monitoring and management interfaces to IaaS resources Possible Standards : Basic monitoring standards exist, such as the Syslog Protocol (IETF RFC 5424), which can be used with the Transport Layer Security (TLS) Transport Mapping for Syslog (IETF RFC 5425). Basic management standards include the Cloud Management WG from DMTF, and OCCI from OGF.
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