Third layer less serious felonies typically younger

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Third layer –less serious felonies –typically younger offenders –plea bargain, reduction of charges, probation or outright dismissal Fourth layer –misdemeanors –handled in assembly line fashion. Goals of custody Criminal justice system should protect society from criminals The goal of the cj system should be to arrest, try, convict and incarcerate offenders so as to keep society safe. Emphasizes secure incarceration Goal of rehabilitation Assumes criminals are affected by conditions in society or internal conditions that has caused their behavior Criminal justice system should determine what the reasons are for the behavior and address those reasons Goal of deterrence CJ system should ensure that the criminal does not commit another offense once he/she is released CJ system should demonstrate what the consequences of criminal behavior are so that other people do not commit offenses Goal of justice All people should receive the same treatment or punishment under the law CJ system should reduce discretion and unequal treatment Goal of retribution Criminal justice system should punish offenders because they deserve it (just deserts) No other rationale is necessary Goal of restorative justice True purpose of CJ system is to promote a peaceful and just society. Cj system should aim for peacemaking not punishment
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Criminal and victim should resolve things in the community. The goal is to enable the offender to appreciate the damage done and make amends so that the criminal can be reintegrated into society Goal of crime control The most important goal is to control crime All other goals should be subservient to this goal Reduce liberties in order to make crime control more effective Goal of due process Emphasis should be placed on constitutional rights Sacrifice crime control if necessary
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Third layer less serious felonies typically younger...

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