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21-nov wed10:00holiday – no classna22-nov

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Unformatted text preview: 21-Nov Wed10:00Holiday – No classNA22-Nov ThursHappy Thanksgiving! – No classNA3326-Nov Mon11:00Manipulation of the Immune System II: Transplantation of Tissues and Organs; Graft reactions: Host vs Graft and GVH, solid organ vs stem cell graftsAlpdogan3428-Nov Wed10:00Manipulation of the Immune System III: Cancer Interactions with the Immune System; Tumor antigens, Immune responses to cancer, Tumor evasion of the immune response, Cancer Therapy/ImmunotherapySnook3529-Nov Thurs11:00Transplantation, Clinical aspects;…pretransplant testing and post transplant therapy/drugsAlpdogan 363-Dec Mon11:00POPS #4; Bone Marrow TransplantationStudents375-Dec Wed10:00Immunology Overview – Return to IntroductionCalkins6-Dec Thurs11:00Optional Review Session – Q & ACalkins14-Dec Fri9:00-10:50Final Exam; 1hr and 50 minNA J/K. Student Evaluation and GradingThe schedule and format of evaluations: discussed with students at the beginning of the course.Examinations will consist of multiple choice questions, extended-matching questions, and short- answer essay questions. Examinations 1, 2 and 3 are not cumulative.The Final Examination is cumulative but 50% of the examination material will be drawn from material not covered by the first three examinations.Team-Based Learning quizzes and POPS posttests will consist of questions similar to those used in regular examinations and will be graded similarly to the regular examinations. The quizzes and test in each exercise will count for 1% of the course grade, totaling 8% for all 8 exercises. 2% of the course grade will be awarded upon return of the course evaluation questionnaire. The quiz and posttest material may also be included in the regular examinations.Exam Policies and Procedures: Please refer to the document posted on Blackboard regarding JSP’s policies and procedures for students taking exams.Second Chance Option: Students wishing to invoke the Second Chance Option should refer to the JSP Student Handbook for the policy and procedure related to this process. The format of the Second Chance Option will consist of a 2-hour comprehensive multiple-choice exam over the entire course material.The course grade will be computed as shown below.Examination 120%Examination 220%Examination 320%Final Examination30%Immunology (PHRM 525) – SyllabusPage 4 of 6Team-based Learning Quizzes and POPS8%Completion of course evaluation2%Total100%The final grade for the course is reported as a letter grade. Letter grades are assigned as follows:A+ = 97.5-100B+ = 86.5-89.4C+ = 76.5-79.4D+ = 66.5-69.4A = 92.5-97.4B = 82.5-86.4C = 72.5-76.4D = 62.5-66.4A- = 89.5-92.4B- = 79.5-82.4B- = 79....
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21-Nov Wed10:00Holiday – No classNA22-Nov ThursHappy...

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