Preparation Students are responsible for having read and being prepared to

Preparation students are responsible for having read

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Preparation: Students are responsible for having read and being prepared to discuss text material prior to class. Quiz: Quizzes will be available on iLearn at the beginning of each classes (except exams and computer lab days) and are due the day before the following class by midnight. Those quizzes will consist of multiple choices questions and you will have 3 attempts to submit them. The material covered in those quizzes will be covered during the same class the quiz is made available. Students are expected to work on those quizzes INDIVIDUALLY . Homework: The homework will consist in a set of exercises assessing the student understanding of the concepts discussed during the class. Homework are due on the specified date before the class session. Students are expected to work on those exercise INDIVIDUALLY and submit INDIVIDUAL work. Project: The semester project is a group project of 3 to 4 students. It will consist in creating a database structure with database representation and SQL instructions for an organization of each group’s choosing. Students will be able to choose their group members and project topic. If required, the instructor will assign groups to students and assign project topics. The project total grade will be the sum of three deliverables with specific deadlines during the semester, as indicated in the schedule. Failure to submit a deliverable by the due date will result in failing the project and therefore failing the course. ONLY ONE submission is expected for each group for each of the 3 deliverables. Exams: 2 Exams and a Final Exam will be done in class and during class time. Midterms and Final exam may consist in a set of multiple choices, short answers and problems requiring long answers. The Second Exam is NOT cumulative. The Final Exam IS cumulative. I will drop your lowest exam grade. (Best 2 out of 3 )
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