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Philippe pinel benjamin rush father of american

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Philippe Pinel, Benjamin Rush (father of american psychiatry) Mental hygiene movement Dorothea Dix – 19 th century Effort to improve care for mentally disordered and make it more accessible Be familiar with the different treatments historically (e.g., asylums, balancing humors, etc.)
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What are the principles of psychoanalytic theory? What mental structures and levels of consciousness are described? What causes psychological disorders according to psychoanalysis, and how are they treated? Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are a result of conscious and unconscious forces continually interacting in the mind Three levels of consciousness: Conscious – thoughts and feelings, normal awareness Preconscious --may enter into conscious awareness in the future Unconscious –cannot access but influences the person Sexual and aggressive urges from birth onward When unacceptable they are banished to the unconscious but continue to influence thoughts/behaviors Freud’s three psychological structures of the mind Id Sexual and aggressive drives, as well as the desire for immediate gratification of physical and psychological needs Operates on the pleasure principle Superego The conscience Ego Mediates among id, superego, and reality What were the principles and treatment approaches of the Humanists? Self-actualizing – we need a freedom to grow in order to reach our highest potential Maslow (hierarchy of needs) Person-centered therapy (Rogers) – unconditional positive regard and empathy
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Philippe Pinel Benjamin Rush father of american psychiatry...

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