Northern politicians didnt want Missouri to upset Senate control 11 states each

Northern politicians didnt want missouri to upset

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Northern politicians didn’t want Missouri to upset Senate control: 11 states each o House – North 105 to 81 lead, south said it’s only fair they’d get senate advantage o Southerners were upset because they through congress had no right to regulate slavery at all o Initially public didn’t care, but religious reformers like Quakers organized anti- slavery riots o Federalists saw this as a way they could be back in power = use anti-slavery as a platform o First time you have a major debate on slavery in Congress o Southerners were upset people would raise this issue o Maine was admitted as a free state to maintain balance (part of MA at the time) -> Republicans so MA was happy (Federalists) o Leaves the question open on how balance between slavery and free states o Same time = Signing new treaties with England and Spain to consolidate new American empire England = border with Canada at 49 th parallel, joint occupation of Oregon for 10 years ( later 20 years) Spain = gives up Flordia, US is persuaded to drop claims on TX, picks up $5M in private debt Usually US tries paying off the other side Speed and success of expansion in early 19 th century was something Americans valued Northwest Ordinance of 1787: NW territories free of Southerners moved into MISS, ALA, Louisiana and take slaves with them By 1819, little conflict over sectional differences Forced to continually deal with slavery in conquered land TJ in 1784 attempts to ban slavery in all of the new territories (failed by 1 vote) Rep. James Tallmadge (NY): introduced a resolution that insisted Missouri agree to gradual ending of slavery as price for entering the Union Henry Clay (Whig) o Sees job as bringing compromise together Manifest Destiny/John O’Sullivan (1845) o Destined by God to expand to Pacific ocean o John O’ Sullivan = newspaper editor; American claims to new territory is by right our Manifest Destiny = experiment of liberty and self-government War with Mexico over Texas o Mexico is a weak and disorganized country o 1824 = constitution is written, representative Congress, own judiciary o Constitution borrows entirely from the US