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Positive relationship that existed between a

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positive relationship that existed between a democratic society and public educated citizens (Dee, 2004). Public education in America is credited to Horace Man who believed that for the republican government to continue, public education had to be fee and universal. Currently, there is a raging debate based on choice of school system because many people that private school cannot provide students with socially benefit doctrines like the public schools (Hall, 2006). It is believed that education has to instill in students positive social values for example, the willingness to help other people. However, there is an argument that education
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PUBLIC AND PRIVATE EDUCATION 3 raises individuals’ opportunity cost with time that eventually raises the cost of voluntarism service (Dee, 2004). Moreover, political scientists have documented that a positive relationship exists between voting and public education. In deed, research shows that voter participation increases with increase in education (Milligan et al., 2004). Educating students increases their propensity, nonetheless, if a student who votes for a rent that benefits only him, then public education may not be considered to be socially beneficial. Economic Growth The other positive externality associated with public education is referred to as economic growth. Apparently, education increases the productivity both of the person being educated and the educated person’s co-workers as well. Certainly, a workforce that is highly skilled can adopt new technologies with ease (Hall, 2006). The new ideas adopted, are likely to have positive
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positive relationship that existed between a democratic...

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