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Reading 802 Fall 2011 HWRiversbbth

Feels as if every piece of instrumentation is

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feels as if every piece of instrumentation is floating around her voice, careful not to over power her. She is very much in control of the space of the and the tempo of the song, brings forth a feeling of nostalgic reflection, she is clearly on her own time and the band hangs on to her every word. It’s almost as if there is a yearning to for the next line. Even when there is a lot of space in between phrases, the next phrase always comes in on the correct space in time. The ending is also a perfect example of the sonority of the band and their respectfulness in letting her voice take precedence over the recording. The culmination of the piece is heard through the climactic crescendos of the horn working in conjunction with the string section
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during her last two phrases. They have some what of a conversation as she ends the song with “Here’s to life, here’s to love, here’s to you”, when she is singing, there is nothing but her voice, and they fill in the rest spots that she takes. When she finally finishes the phrase, the band comes back together with a strong sound and then diminishes and lingers out. This recording is the a perfect example of great use of space, sonority, and great accompanying.
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