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Shares of the class 5 the rights conferred upon the

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Unformatted text preview: shares of the class. 5. The rights conferred upon the holders of the shares of any class issued with preferred or other rights shall not, unless otherwise expressly provided by the terms of issue of the shares of that class, be deemed to be varied by the creation or issue of further shares ranking pari passu therewith. 6. The company may exercise the powers of paying commissions conferred by section 46 of the Ordinance, provided that the rate per cent or the amount of the commission paid or agreed to be paid shall be disclosed in the manner required by the said section and the rate of the commission shall not exceed the rate of 10 per cent of the price at which the shares in respect whereof the same is paid are issued or an amount equal to 10 per cent of such price (as the case may be). Such commission may be satisfied by the payment of cash or the allotment of fully or partly paid shares or partly in one way and partly in the other. The company may also on any issue of shares pay such brokerage as may be lawful. 7. Except as required by law, no person shall be recognized by the company as holding any share upon any trust, and the company shall not be bound by or be compelled in any way to recognize (even when having notice thereof) any equitable, contingent, future or partial interest in any share or any interest in any fractional part of a share or (except only as by these regulations or by law otherwise provided) any other rights in respect of any share except an absolute right to the entirety thereof in the registered holder. 8. Every person whose name is entered as a member in the register of members shall be entitled without payment to receive within 2 months after allotment or lodgment of transfer (or within such other period as the conditions of issue shall provide) one certificate for all his shares or several certificates each for 1 or more of his shares upon payment of $5 for every certificate after the first or such less sum as the directors shall from time to time determine. Every certificate shall be under the seal, or under the official seal kept by the company under section 73A of the Ordinance, and shall specify the shares to which it relates and the amount paid up thereon. Provided that in respect of a share or shares held jointly by several persons the company shall not be bound to issue more than 1 certificate, and delivery of a certificate for a share to 1 of several joint holders shall be sufficient delivery to all such holders. 9. If a share certificate be defaced, lost or destroyed, it may be renewed on payment of a fee of $5 or such less sum and on such terms (if any) as to evidence and indemnity and the payment of out-of-pocket expenses of the company of investigating evidence as the directors think fit....
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shares of the class 5 The rights conferred upon the holders...

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