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DSST World Religion Notes

Ritual circumcision performed on boys and girls as

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Ritual Circumcision – performed on boys and girls as puberty rites, sign of courage without pain killer Divination is a method of predicting the future and communicating with the sprits thru magic (African communities) Dreamtime – time before living memory (Australian Aboriginal religion) spirit ancestors traveled throughout the land giving shape and creating all living creatures, after death their spirit would return to their ancestors Oracle of Delphi – most important shrine in Greece (build in 1400 BC), built over a crack in earth with mind altering vapors emanating, the Oracle would inhale the vapors and prophesy Oracles – Zeus and Apollo, god of prophecy, the Revealer Christianity – largest religion in the World 2 billion followers and 34,000 denominations Christianity is the fastest growing religion in the world, in South Korea Christianity is growing at the rate of 10% per year
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Jesus of Nazareth is the common believe of Christians, he provided redemption by his death and was resurrected from the dead Gospels – the books (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) are biographical accounts of life of Jesus – focusing mostly on the last few months of his life - Gospels – Matthew, Mark and Luke - known as “Synoptic Gospels” because they share the similar chronology, outline and message, written during the 70’s CE Gospel of John – was written in the 90s CE, differs from the other Matthew, Mark and Luke Gospels - Matthew and Luke mention birth from Virgin Mary, Hebrew believe that “virgin” can be young women Baptism by John – Jesus first ministry, after being baptized – a symbol of repentance, Jesus went in the wilderness for 40 days to ponder is ministry and to be tempted by Satan Galilee – Jesus began to preach Parable – Jesus used to tell stories, taught powerful lessons thru simple stories, Example: the prodigal son and the Good Samaritan best known Jewish community –is responsible for Jesus’ death, according to Gospels, Jewish groups Pharisees, Sadducees and Zealots Romans actually crucified Jesus Sadducees – wealthy aristocrats who held powerful positions, they held the majority of the 70 seats of Sanhedrin (ruling council) Sadducees – denied the resurrection of the dead, the afterlife, and existence of spiritual world, didn’t believe in (angels, demons, etc) Heaven, Hell or judgment Pharisees – average people – middleclass businesses men Zealots – group of Jews passionate upholders of policy, who believe the submission to Roman slavery meant forsaking God Book of Acts – describes activities following Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, it records the early meetings of preaching of Christians in Jerusalem, their persecution, and their missionary journeys Paul – known as the “Second Founder of Christianity” - important missionary of early Christianity, but first theologian, wrote 14 books in the New Testament Apostle Paul – was known as “Saul of Tarsus” before his conversion to Christianity, he was a Pharisee who
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Ritual Circumcision performed on boys and girls as puberty...

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