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Unequal resource distribution primarily in which of

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of unequal resource distribution primarily in which of the following ways? A. Following self-sufficient agricultural practices B. Increasing commodity production from the ecological zones in the highland basins C. Increasing their reliance on long-distance trade networks D. Establishing satellite communities throughout the Andean highlands E. Establishing production forces in ecological zones beyond their parent communities Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q6: The passage suggests that as a way of addressing the problem of different resource distribution in the preindustrial world, the practice of vertical economy differed from the use of long-distance trade networks in that vertical economy allowed -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q7: The passage suggests that for an Andean highland village attempting to resolve the problem of unequal resource distribution, the strategy known as compressed verticality would probably be inappropriate for which of the following situations? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q8: Many large department stores in Montalia now provide shopping carts for their customers. Since customers using shopping carts tend to buy more than those without shopping carts, most of these stores are experiencing strong sales growth, while most other department stores are not. Therefore, in order to boost sales, managers of Jerrod’s, Montalia’s premier department store, are planning to purchase shopping carts and make 4
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them available to the store’s customers next month. Which of the following, if true, casts most doubt whether the managers’ plan, if implemented, will achieve its goal?
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