More horse power Precision bearings smoother cuts Commercial quality long life

More horse power precision bearings smoother cuts

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More horse power Precision bearings (smoother cuts) Commercial quality (long life) Variable speed, controllable within software The hand held Router Motor Less Expensive You can get replacements at your local tool store… Upgradeable Seldom seen: the air router motor The speed at which a Router spins the bit is called its RPM (revolutions per minute). Every bit has an ideal range of speed or RPMs it needs to operate within. The ability to change the routers’ RPM is essential to good bit life and a good finish. The #75182 Porter Cable router motor has 5 speeds ranging from 10,000 - 21,000. A Spindle has infinitely variable speeds ranging from around 5,000 – 25,000. In either case the speeds available are not slow enough for machining of metals, however with proper bits, alloys and cooling methods some people experience success with non ferrous metals. The strength or power of a router is rated in HP (horse power) Generally more is better… The harder you plan to work the machine (commercial environment like a cabinet shop) the more HP you will want. Lighter work loads (hobby, prototype, or 3D) call for a smaller motor. NOTE: The method of determining HP is different for spindles and for router motors, the two are not directly comparable . ShopBot Tools manufactures a full line of CNC routers. Their product line includes a full range of bed sizes, accessories and motor offerings to compliment every need and pocketbook.
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