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Brooks 56 being able to speak differently and try new

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through the words he talked”. (Brooks 56). Being able to speak differently and try new things makes Jerome feel like a new person. Page 69 “Here’s a kid could win us the city, said Vic, and nobody but you cares he’s a nig***”. Jerome wants to try out for basket-ball, but the coach won’t let him because he’s black. Jerome begins to find out that not everyone will treat him fairly. Even though is a talented basket-ball player, the coach won’t accept him simply because he’s black. Jerome managed to get all his shots in, and beat some of the white kids at try outs. Once this happens, Jerome realizes not everyone will treat him fairly, thus making him wiser. Page 97
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“I was very happy. I had just gotten myself a best bud. I was positive about that, I really thought so.” Jerome has become best friends with Bix, and he is very happy because he never had a best friend before. Throughout the book, up until this point Jerome constantly complains about never having a best friend. He’s had a few good friends, but no one he is really close with him. Now that he has finally found a best friend, he feels much more happy and confident in himself. He starts talking more, and shows up to classes with a big smile on his face.
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