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Department of Mechanical Engineering, SJBIT, Bengaluru. 5.A bracket is supported by means of four rivets of dame size as shown in Figure. Determine the diameter of the rivet if the maximum shear stress in the rivet is 90 N/mm2(July 2014) 6.Determine the maximum normal stress and the maximum shear stress in the weld shown in Figure. (July 2014) 7.Design a double riveted butt joint with two cover plates for the longitudinal beam of a boiler shell 1.5 m in diameter subjected to a steam pressure of 0.95 N/mm2. Assume an efficiency of 75%, allowable tensile stress in the plate of 90 N/mm2, allowable crushing stress of 140 N/mm2and an allowable shear stress in the rivet of 50 N/mrn2.(Jan 2015) Page 13 .