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Employee portfolio mgt311 version 1 3 employee name

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Employee Portfolio MGT/311 Version 1 3 Employee name: _____Chris Witlock ____ Self Assessment Results Summary Strengths Weaknesses How Satisfied Am I with My Job? 69 Feels accomplishment from job, works well alone, joy from community involvement, uses on judgment and methods to accomplish tasks Feels overworked for his compensation, not able to utilize abilities, does not stay busy, advancement Am I Engaged? How Are You Feeling Right Now? 43 Happy, delighted, enthusiastic Little distress What’s My Affect Intensity? What’s My Emotional Intelligence Score? 34 Resilient, sees other’s needs, social, builds rapport, empathy Unaware of emotional changes, not persistent in goals. Am I A Deliberate Decision Maker? 19 Careful with is words, makes decisions aggressively Does things w/o thinking, regret on past actions Management recommendations: Chris enjoys his job and finds joy from work. Enjoys making his own judgments and ways of doing tasks, he is resilient to opposition, social, empathetic, and makes his decisions aggressively. Sometimes regrets some of the choices he makes, feels underutilized for the abilities he possesses, often stagnant in work, and feels undercompensated for his job. I recommend Chris be evaluated for a promotion or job change inside the company to better utilize his abilities, social skills, and judgment/decision making skills.
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