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Doreen_Application Week 4

The schip program is being threatened because of

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issues in the program's implementation. The SCHIP Program is being threatened because of finding shortfalls in many states. Despite SCHIP, the number of uninsured children continues to rise, especially among families that cannot qualify for SCHIP [3]. Another issue with the SCHIP is quality of health care services. In some cases it was observed that the scope benefits are not adequate as well as health care delivery. Some believe that, there is not needed, since it doesn’t help to improve the quality of children’s health care in the long run [SCHIP, 2007].
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Pros and Cons There are various pros and cons on the implementation of SCHIP. Some organizations support SCHIP and would like the program to continually improve and expand. On the other hand, some organizations believe that program should not be expanded and only low income group families should be supported to maintain their health insurance [SCHIP, 2007]. Conclusion The child health insurance program to provide insurance to all children is a commendable program if properly implemented and improved. To meet its goals, in 2009 CHIPRA made many ammendemants and adjustment to make the program a success in achieving its goals. Many studies support the program and its expansion [3]. At this time the result is not fully determined and the public have separate opinions. Huge support is needed for the success of the program [4]. The reauthorization act should be given a chance by the government and the public must not take for granted this opportunity to avail of affordable health insurance coverage to safeguard their children's health. Looking at the more positive side, more than ever people need to give priority to health care as the medical costs continues to rise and services are not always accessible [4]. References: 2. The State Children's Health Insurance Program" (PDF). Congressional Budget Office. 2007- 05- 10. Retrieved 2007-10-16. 3. http://www.cms.hhs.gov/LowCostHealthInsFamChild/ 4. http://www.nvsl.org/programs/health/chiphome.htm
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The SCHIP Program is being threatened because of finding...

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