Father well i let you talk me into including logical

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FATHER: Well, I let you talk me into including logical hierarchy as criterion, but it may be that both numbers 6 and 7 simply follow from the others. DAUGHTER: Okay, but now look where we‘ve gotten. If something like secrecy an uneven distribution of information within a given [[p_086]] system is a necessary characteristic of mental s ystems, then we won‘t make the mistake of attaching value to it. You won‘t be tempted to make it the hero of the piece, and I won‘t be tempted to make it the villain. There‘s a parallel political issue with hierarchy, too. As a matter of fact, I can take that a step further. What if certain kinds of secrecy do in fact function a s markers for the sacred, but that‘s because ―the sacred‖ is a way of coping with certain epistemological problems – maybe necessary ones? FATHER: Are sacred secrets perhaps designed to be revealed? DAUGHTER: Yes, of course! The initiate gets whipped by masked dancers, then the dancers take off their masks, turn out not to be gods, and the initiates put on the masks themselves and that whole sequence is what makes it possible to live with some fact of life. Secrecy is just a piece of it … but it‘s one of the ways to make revelation possible. FATHER: I‘m reminded of Tolly‘s whole presentation of concurrence at Burg Wartenstein. You remember, concurrence gave a sort of intellectual bridge Kommentar [d31]: Note interesting detail of the last chapter of Mind and Nature .
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