Legal assessment for the implementation of the

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Legal assessment for the implementation of the information security program is almost always done by the information security or IT departments. True A security technician is usually an entry-level position. True In informing and preparing employees for their role in information security, security awareness provides the "what", training provides the "how" and education provides the "why". True Security managers are accountable for the day-to-day operation of the information security program. False Threats from insiders are more likely in a small organization than in a large one. technology product The three methods for selecting or developing advanced technical training are by job category, by job function, and by ____________________. reduce the incidence of accidental security breaches The security education, training, and awareness (SETA) program is designed to ____ by/of members of the organization. security awareness A SETA program consists of three elements: security education, security training, and ____. security training Employee behavior that endangers the security of the organization's information can be modified through security awareness and ____________________. CISO Security managers commonly report to the ____. security administrator The security analyst is a specialized ____. False One of the most commonly implemented but least effective security methods is the security awareness program. False The professional agencies such as SANS, ISC2, ISSA and CSI offer industry training conferences and programs that are ideal for the average employee. False Security education involves providing members of the organization with detailed information and hands-on instruction to enable them to perform their duties securely. identify program scope, goals, and objectives Which of the following is the first step in the process of implementing training?
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Legal assessment for the implementation of the information...

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